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Can Carpet Hide Squeaky Floors? Answers from a Flooring Expert

Squeaky floors are more than just annoying. They could indicate underlying structural problems or poor installation of your subflooring. But what if you want a quick, cosmetic fix – does throwing down carpet solve everything?

Sandoval Flooring LLC Weighs In

As a family-owned and -operated flooring company proudly serving Pelham, Cottondale, Northport, and all areas within a 50-mile radius, we've seen our fair share of squeaky floors. Here's the truth about carpeting as a fix:

Carpet: A Temporary Muffle

Thick, plush carpet with a good-quality pad can help reduce the volume of squeaks. The extra layers act as a sound buffer. However, this is not a true solution to the underlying cause of the noise.

Why Floors Squeak

  • Wood Expansion/Contraction: Seasonal changes in humidity cause wood to naturally expand and shrink. This can lead to subfloor boards rubbing against each other or against nails.
  • Loose Subflooring: If your subfloor wasn't tightly secured during installation, movement can create squeaks.
  • Structural Issues: More severe problems like foundation settling or joist damage could lead to squeaky floors.

Is Carpet the Right Solution For You?

  • Cosmetic Fix: If you want to improve the sound temporarily and were considering new carpet anyway, it might be a worthwhile investment.
  • Long-Term Needs: For a true, long-term fix, squeaky floors should be investigated by a flooring professional or contractor.

Solving the Squeak - What We Do

At Sandoval Flooring LLC, we can diagnose the reason behind the squeaks and offer real solutions:

  • Securing the Subfloor: Sometimes, adding screws or construction adhesive to the subfloor can stop the movement and the noise.
  • Addressing Structural Damage: If there's a bigger problem, we work with trusted contractors to provide referrals.
  • New Flooring: Of course, if you were interested in a flooring upgrade anyway, we offer a wide range of beautiful and durable options!

Get Help. Get Peace of Mind.

Don't let squeaky floors drive you crazy. Contact the experts at Sandoval Flooring LLC for a proper assessment and solutions that fit your needs.