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Hardwood refinishing facts

If you currently have hardwood flooring in your home, learning about wood floor refinishing and what it can do for your floors is essential. This service helps to keep your floors looking newer and protects them from decades of wear and potential damage. Hardwood refinishing is one of the primary reasons these materials last as long as they do, and here are some facts to help you learn more about them.

A need for hardwood floor refinishing

The first step in the refinishing process is determining your need. We are available for assessments that tell us what kind of services you need and how far-reaching they'll be for your hardwood floor refinishing. Once the need is determined, we can move forward with the actual refinishing work.

We will quickly assess and offer an estimate, so you'll know what to expect throughout the refinish. If you have questions, this a great time to ask for answers that will give you confidence and peace of mind as the work progresses. We're also happy to listen to any concerns you have about the process, which we will address as we move along.

Once we’ve assessed the situation and moved furniture and valuables, sanding floors is the first step. This part of the service removes years of wear and damage to reveal a fresh wood layer to start over. The next step is to add a fresh stain color, texture, and sealant, which creates the new flooring surface you'll enjoy for many more years.

From start to finish, the entire hardwood floor refinishing process can take about three days. However, each home is different. Once we've assessed your flooring and needs, we'll give you a more precise estimate of your refinishing time.



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Sandoval Flooring LLC offers wood floor refinishing and is a family-owned and operated flooring company dedicated to providing outstanding results for any flooring need. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and ensure satisfaction, regardless of project or size. We are licensed and certified and offer free estimates on all our services, so spend some time sharing your requirements and preferences while you're here.

You’re invited to visit our showroom in Northport, AL, whenever you’re in the area, for a complete experience, from product selection through service cleanup. We provide hardwood floor refinishing to Vance, AL, Reform, AL, Tuscaloosa, AL, Moundville, AL, Eutaw, AL, Gordo, AL, Northport, AL, Demopolis, AL, McCalla, AL, and Northside, AL. When you’re ready to discuss your flooring needs or get an assessment for hardwood refinishing, contact us or stop by today.