Waterproof Flooring in Northport, AL from Sandoval Flooring LLC

Can You Waterproof Floors You Already Have?

Hello, Alabama! Sandoval Flooring LLC here, your family-owned and -operated flooring specialists, coming at you with an important question – can you waterproof already installed flooring, or do you have to invest in completely new waterproof flooring?

As a team serving folks in Pelham, Cottondale, and of course, right here in Northport itself!, we see a lot of water-related anxieties. From humid summers to the occasional heavy storm, moisture can be a real concern for homeowners. Let's break down your waterproofing options:

The Limits of Waterproofing Existing Floors

Unfortunately, truly waterproofing a floor after it's been installed is tricky. Here's why:

  • Sealants and Coatings: These work on porous surfaces like concrete or some tiles to an extent. However, they often need reapplication, and they don't make your floor 100% immune to standing water.
  • Underlayments: Some existing floors could be carefully removed, have a waterproof underlayment put down, and then be reinstalled. This is labor-intensive and potentially costly.

When Waterproof Flooring is the Best Bet

There are times when opting for engineered waterproof flooring from the get-go is your wisest choice:

  • Rooms Prone to Spills: Think kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or even playrooms where messes are frequent.
  • Basement Installations: Basements are notoriously damp. Waterproof flooring gives peace of mind.
  • Peace of Mind: If you're a worrywart type, having a floor that's designed to be waterproof brings major relief!

Waterproof Flooring Options at Sandoval Flooring

As flooring experts, we want you to have the right solution. If you're ready to explore amazing waterproof flooring options, here's a taste of what we offer at our Northport showroom:

  • Luxury Vinyl (LVT/LVP): Mimics hardwood and tile beautifully, handles water like a champ, and is budget-friendly.
  • Waterproof Laminate: Now a real possibility, combining the style of laminate with water resilience.
  • Waterproof Tile: Porcelain and some ceramic tiles provide classic waterproof style for bathrooms and kitchens.

Not Sure? Get Your Flooring Consultation!

If "Is this waterproof?" is a question that keeps you up at night, we're here to help! We'll discuss your specific rooms, needs, and budget so you can choose your flooring with confidence.

Remember, we're a family-owned business, so we understand you want to protect your home and your investment! Visit Sandoval Flooring LLC in Northport, or give us a call to start your flooring project the right way.